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[ENG] Plz add this sound voice over for crew sounds (complete)


Hey there first off I want to thank you for your hard work and for continuing this mod-pack it is a huge help for people like me who tend to screw things up when it comes to messing with code and placing files around to get things to work. I was wondering how hard it would to get a feature that the OMC mod-pack had the yours does not. It might be silly but I was wondering if  you could add the minion voice overs. I see you have the minion sixth sense sound and the icon but WOT can get a little bit frustrating and those silly little sounds kept the mood light when you got wrecked and were mad. They kept me giggling just when I needed it. Thank again and hope to see hear those little buggers in game again.

sure, not a problem.
Request it here:
When we get it to work, we'll let you know. Also, we can keep this thread updated.


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