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[ENG] HOW-TO: Send Log-Files
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:10:53 AM »
to figure out exactly what your problem is,we need some log-fileswhich are located inside the RelhaxModpack-directory and inside the world of tanks directory.

please attach the files here into your reply-post,or if you like,
you can paste them into our discord-support-chat -->

to do so, there are two ways:

1) use the diagnostics:

- open up the RelhaxModpack.exe
- click on "Diagnostic Utilities" in the upper left corner
- a new window appears called "Diagnostics"
- click on "Collect all log files into a zip file to report a problem"
- again a new window appears called "add selection and pictures"
- add selectionfiles to report
- just click on "Continue" and the zip-file will be created on your desktop
- upload the zip-file here on our forums or into our discord-chat

2) fetch files manually:

in detail:


\World_of_Tanks\          <- the directory where you have installed WoT
\World_of_Tanks\logs\uninstallRelhaxFiles.log  (if existing)

in some cases it is possible that the "python.log"-file is too big to paste here.
if so, please delete it manually, restart world of tanks and maybe play a battle if the error only occurs during battle.

(if error occurs in garage, just get sure you get into garage and do that action that causes the error - no need to enter battle).
and then close wot  - wot will create a new and smaller python.log with the actual error and that can be uploaded here.
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