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[ENG] Scaling Mode doesn't work (closed)


Thanks for Relhax. Works great.  I have a 4k display and the type is too small to read.  I set the Scaling Mode to 1.25 and restart Relhax and it looks great, however when I start the Mod Selection the Scaling Mode is lost and it's back to the tiny text again.  Any fix would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.

Which scaling mode do you use, DPI or font? Does it happen in both? In other scaling modes? Which selection mode do you use? Does it happen in both?
I need more information so I can debug this.

Also, for 4k, i assumed you would need to use a settingaround 2.75 or 3.25. what does 1.25 look like for you?

closed due to lack of response


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