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XVM config request [solved, added to cfg builder]


WoT Username: MvJesus

WoT Region: NA

Type of request:
-Configuration option(s) for mod

Title/brief description of request (should be the Subject line of your thread): XVM config request

- Looking to have the ability to move the efficiency counter to be above the damage log

Attach/link the zip file created with the application (from the diagnostics window):

Any additional information you wish to include?

Any attachments to further describe your request?

hy again,

your request is not realized yet - but soon there will be a checkbox to move the total efficiency down to the xvm-damagepanel.

but until this is done, thereĀ“s also the possibility in our config builder to disable the total efficiency and use the "information label for missions" instead. it is positioned on the left side, right under the playerspanel and maybe it got all the info you want.



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