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[ENG] Template for requests


WoT Username:

WoT Region:

Type of request:
-Application feature
-Mod to be added
-Configuration option(s) for mod

Title/brief description of request (should be the Subject line of your thread):


Attach/link the zip file created with the application (from the diagnostics window):

Any additional information you wish to include?

Any attachments to further describe your request?

General notes about the request/bug process:

-Use brackets "[]" at the beginning of your subject to specify what language the request is in. Currently we support English [ENG], French [FR], German [GER]

-Only post about the original issue or request. If you have multiple bugs/requests, please make a separate thread for each.

-The modpack team will be updating its status by making replies to its topic. It is recommended that you enable notifications (upper right) to know when we reply.

-We will use parenthesis "()" in the subject to show the status as well (accepted, in progress, need info, etc.)

-We will also be using the icons (like the exclamation point in this reply) to show the status

-Be polite and respectful.


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