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[ENG] Black Spy's Tank Icons mirroring problem [solved, clsd]


WoT Username: borisgrey

WoT Region: EU

-Bug with application

[ENG] Black Spy's Tank Icons mirroring problem:


Using Black Spy tank icons (Yasha's version) and enemy team tank icons look like mirror images making it hard to read.

Any additional information you wish to include?

I do not know if this is related, no matter what xvm config I choose, tank markers are the same. I'd prefer OMC's xvm config where tank markers show little color statistics :) Problem with XVM?

Thanks in advance.

hy borisgrey,

i found a mistake in the omc config and tried to fix this issue.
plz -reinstall the modpack again (with beta database) and plz report back if this has helped you.

hello, I did as you asked and it works :) thank you.

yw! great that it worked!
happy hunting!

-thread closed-


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