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[1] Auxilium Ingame Settings byShuraBB broken (fixed, closed)

[2] [ENG] Battle Hits Viewer in Hangar v1.3.7 defective(closed, solved)

[3] Relhax Advanced Settings Window truncated (solved, closed)

[4] Gnomefathers Gunsounds not working(closed,solved)

[5] GREEK WORDS. [closed /not solved, but seems to be a wargaming problem]

[6] [ENG] Stuck with "Logging In..." after battles [solved, closed]

[7] [ENG] stuck after halloween event [closed, solved -> DONT USE MODS WITH EVENT]

[8] [ENG] crash to desktop [no response, closed]

[9] [ENG] no sound in battle (solved/closed)


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