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General Discussion / Update
« on: April 07, 2018, 03:33:28 PM »
Just wanted to post a quick note in case we didn't get a chance to check the WOT forum
According to the latest post:

Hello everyone, two announcements:

first, due to the multiple patches, we are extending the gold giveaway for another 9 days. It will end on the 13th. This is so that people have a chance again to upload their selection pictures. Thank you for understanding.


I have finals next week, and final projects this week. This means I must go AFK for while. I'll be back around the 12th. In the meantime, the developer Merkk (also goes by Zarg12) will be in charge. He can take care of bug isolation and management, and dealing with other support issues. Unfortunately, he does not have an EU account, and is unable to use the forums for his NA account. Therefore, if you can only use WoT forums for support (not using discord):

If you are on the EU server, you can message 123GAUSS, dirty20067, Grumpelumpf

If you are on the NA server, you can message Rkk1945, Silvers_

Hopefully WoT does not feel like releasing a patch while I am gone.


P.S. We have enough money to run the modpack for another 3 years thanks to your donations!

General Discussion / Patience and Gratitude
« on: March 30, 2018, 11:16:20 AM »
First a quick thank you to the developers. I really like this mudpack and appreciate the work you guys do to keep the Relhax Modpack up and running for us.

Second - I often get frustrated when WOT updates and my mods don't work and I have to wait for you to update the pack. But then, recently, this happened....
You updated the modpack with the caveat:

     Database Update! "Yo, we heard you like updates. So we put out an update to your update"
     Updated: 03/28/18 v2

Then, not 24 hours later, WOT updates the game. So while you tried to provide us "updated updates" They are, once again, outdated. Frustrating....for all of us.

But it did give me some perspective.
So I thought I would just like to post my reaction.  >:(
My promise to be more patient as you update the modpack.  8)
And a quick note of gratitude for the work that you are doing.  ;)


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